WELCOME TO MOMENT OF SUPERNATURAL TOPIC: 11 TYPES OF PROPHETIC MINISTRY 1. The Realm of Mystries: This is a broad base category which other prophetic office operates. The Holy Spirit often communicates in mysteries such as dreams, visions, prophetic parables, and symbolic pictures. A mystery requires interpretation and its meaning is not always immediately discernable. For example, Prophet Ezekiel received and conveyed prophecy in the realm of mystery Ezk.3:1-27. 2. The Realm of Knowledge: Knowledge can relate to past, present or future (foretelling). This is the gift Paul referred to as word of knowledge 1Cor.12:8. Prophet Samuel operated in the realm of knowledge. For example the message he gave Saul about his father’s lost asses 1Sam.9:17-21, this is knowledge about the past. Also, he spoke about the future of Saul as king of Israel. 3. Prophetic writing: Some prophets wrote scriptures and some were poets. Example of writing prophet was Habakkuk Hak.2:1-3 4. Prophetic acts and creatives: Ezekiel did prophetic acts that were creative and dramatic in nature. Ezk.4:1-17. 5. Prophetic worship and music: King David was a prophetic psalmist and musician. Prophetes Deborah wrote a song in Judges chapter 5, Miriam the prophetes sister of Aaron took a timbrel in her hands to sing and all the women after her Ex.15:20-21. 6. Prophetic speaking (utterances): Jeremiah was called to be a prophetic voice. Like Zechariah and Hagai prophetic utterance came as timely exaltation to the children of Israel to rebuild the temple Haggai 1:15, Zech.4:4-10. 7. Prophetic prayer and intercession: Some prophets in the bible majored in prayer. Daniel’s life was charaterised by prayer, fasting and intercessions. Dan. chapter 9 and 10. Anna a prophetic intercessor, who prayed until she met the young child Jesus Lk.2:36-39 8. Prophetic dreams and interpretation: Daniel received dreams and visions about the future Dan. chapter 2 and 5. He was also gifted by God to understand and interpret dreams and visions. 9. Signs and wonders Prophets: Elijah and Elisha were prophets used by God in signs, wonders, healings and miracles 1 and 2kgs. Moses also inclusive! Ex.chapter 7, 8,9 & 10. 10. Prophetic visionaries and seers: Jeremiah early prophetic insight were simple pictures Jer.1:11-18. His prophetic operation was pictoral in nature. The book of revelations is a book of propheticvision given to John the beloved. Ezekiel also operated in visions. 11. Prophetic teaching and preaching: Silas and Judas in Acts 15:32.

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