2020 Prophetic Release!

2020  Prophetic Release!

Topic: Prophetic Release For Year 2020

Mid December 2019, after my morning devotion, the Lord spoke to me the following word for 2020:

1. 2020 is a year of vision fulfilment and desire accomplish for my people.

2. There shall be a great out pouring of the supernatural for those that position themselves aright before me says the Lord *The Lord demonstrated this to me in a clear vision.*

3. l will begin my judgment in Nigeria right from the corridor of power to the least arena.

4. l will expose and judge evil works, and evil doers.

5. There will be lamentation of *Oh, how are the mighty fallen.*

6. Many political figures will fall.

7. The redemption of  nation Nigeria will begin for my people to eat the good of the land.

*Get ready for this great 👆👆package!*

The above prophetic release was posted  here and other platform for our personal consumption.

I’m not led to Post it in any medium other than this place.


Aps (Dr) Adebayo King Emmanuel (JP)

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