5 Keys To Prayer

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*Topic:  5 Keys To Prayer*

Prayer changes situation and such has to be effectual. For the sake of what Jesus desire to convey in *Lk 21:36,* we have to grasp the 5 keys to prayer and those keys have effects on the power of darkness.

*Key 1* 1Cor 2:11, *all true prayers come from God into our spirit.* This is spirit to spirit communication as Holy Spirit ignites us. To pray is a long spiritual journey to learn to trust in the Lord.

*Key 2* *We have to pray what God has put in our heart back to Him.*
When we pray  this way, His will become our will. His will and kingdom is done just as it is initiated in heaven. Prayers also implement heaven decisions in the affairs of men.

*Key 3* *God will act on true prayers*
God will take action on what He put in our hearts because He’s all powerful. Never forget that Satan is of lesser power compare to God because he was created by God as Lucifer before he fell.

*Key 4* *God doesn’t move on prayers we don’t pray*
Prayers move God and also enforce Christ victory over Satan, and all circumstances that may come our way.

*Key 5* *The more we pray, the more evil gives way and God’s blessings released on to us*
The question is, how much have you been praying?
If we implement these 5 keys, God will become all hedge of protection around us.
Finally proud men do not pray, humble men do.


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