Hello Men of God! We are starting our series on this platform for the year 2019. Welcome the *Moment of Supernatural.* *INTRODUCTION* Jesus gave gifts to the Church for the perfection of the saints, for the work of the ministry and edifying of his body. This is referred to as five fold ministry. ” …He gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some pastors and teachers…” Eph 4:9-11. Today we are narrowing down on the office of Apostles. *APOSTLES*: In Greek word, it is called Apostolos. This simply means the *sent one*. Jesus said, *”…. as my Father hath sent me, even so send I you”.* Joh 20:21. *FOUR TYPES OF APOSTLES* There are 4 types of Apostles listed in the word of God. 1. *Jesus:* He’s the Chief Apostle Heb. 3:1. 2. *The 12 Apostles:* These type of Apostles found in the word of God are the one that walked with Jesus . They are the 12 that Jesus personally trained Mk. 13:13 19. They witnessed the miracles performed by Jesus but they are not here today. They are referred to as the12 Apostles of the lamb. Rev. 21:14 3. *Foundational or Transitional Apostles:* These type of Apostles, help to transit the Church on from the old order to the order of Melchizedek and the other we see today. These Apostles were not part of the 12, yet they were called Apostles. e.g Apostle Paul (Col.1:1) who wrote two third of new testament and he’s a model of an Apostle for us today. James the brother of Jesus was an Apostle ( Gal.1:17-19), as a matter of fact, he presided over the Churches in Jerusalem. Barnabas was also an Apostle (Acts 13:2-3). These are some of the foundational or transitional Apostles. 4. *Modern Day Apostle* Are the sent gift Apostles, those called after the ascension of Christ. There are five different sent gifts, one of them being the gift of Apostles. Out of these four types of Apostles, the one we are drawn from is the modern day Apostles and they carry something very unique, different, outstanding that can be imparted into you; so that you can invade, to occupy, to influence and to establish kingdom culture Eph. 2:19-22. Eph. 4:13 is a solid ground to proof that *Modern Day Apostles* exist. *Shalom!*

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