*YOU WERE BORN TO FOR A PURPOSE* God has a purpose for every life and nobody is exempted. Examples abound in the Bible: Jeremiah in Jer.1:4-5, Isaiah in Is. 49:1,5, David in Ps.139:13-16, Paul in Gal.1:15-16. Your purpose is not your decision, it is your discovery. You were created with a purpose inside of you. So, discover it. The following 4 questions can be a guide to help you discover your purpose: 1. What do you love: This reveals the gift in you. 2. What do you hate: This reveals what you are called to correct. 3. What makes you cry: This reveals what you will heal the best. 4. What annoys you: This reveals the problem you are called solve. Be resolute, *everything is going to work out alright* Shalom!

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