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 *Topic: Connect With Angels*

 Angels are spiritual beings created by God for great purposes Heb.1:7, Ps 103:20.

Unfortunately today, the Church emphasize more on demons & the devil to a point whereby we are conscious of them more than God & His Angels.

The time has come to arose our consciousness about angels & their activities because, the activities of angels is increasing in this end-time.
Many will begin to receive angelic visitation. So, get ready!

*Reasons why God  created Angels*

*1. To minister for us the heir of salvation*
Heb. 1:14, Jesus enjoyed angelic ministration Matt 4:11. So, we too need this!

*2. To strengthen us in the time of difficulty*
For example, Jesus was strengthen by angel Lk.22:41-44, Elijah on his journey to Mt. Horeb 1Kg.19:1-8.

*3. To protect us supernaturally in the natural realm*
Ps.91:11, 34:7. For example Daniel in the lion’s den Dan.6:16-22.

I (Aps. Adebayo & 3 other Pastors), miraculously survived a fatal accident Jan. 18, 2017 along Lagos-Ibadan Express way, when a fuel tanker ran over my Pathfinder Jeep from behind.
Angels of God at work.
*To be continued*


*”Sacrificial giving can open the supernatural door of Angelic activities for you” Read Acts 10:1-6, Gen. 22:1-19.*

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