Connect With Angels Part 2

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*Topic: Connect With Angels Part 2*

In the last episode, I talked about the angelic beings and some of their functions.

*Do We Have Angels Assigned To Us?*

The answer is yes! Matt.18:10 confirm this.
We have many angels in our lives right from Childhood to Adulthood which is known in a broad term *Guardian Angels.*

Individuals Guardian Angels has specific name, which many are ignorant of.
I’m fortunately bless in this aspect. Otherwise, l would have been ignorant too!

*There are other angels in our lives:*
1. Angels that read and help us fulfill our individual destiny as written in the book of God. Ps139:13-16

2. Angels of our commission that help us fulfill our earthly assignments which could be in the ministry, business, academic etc.

3. Angels of the nation that enforce God’s prophetic agenda in such a nation.

And a whole lot of angels, ranging from angels of our finances to other aspect of our lives.

This is a Mystery! Read Mk.4:11. Let’s overcome religion spirit and enjoy this God’s Mystery.

*How We Can Tap Into Angelic Realm*

1. Through reading and applying the word of God. Ps 103:20

2. Through prayer, fasting and worship. Dan 9:1-5, 20-23.

3. Through supernatural prayer language (Speaking in Tongue) because, there are tongues of Angels 1Cor 13:1

4. Through reading books written on angels.

5. Through association with people that enjoys uninterrupted angelic visitation.

*Welcome to The World of Angels as you read this wonderful spiritual information*

*To be continued*


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