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*Topic: Encounter With God*

You need encounter with God because, it will impart your life and ministry in every facet for good, forever. This will set you on the path of great destiny fulfilment and also on fire for achieving the kingdom mandate.

Again, encounter with God will help you to navigate life journey with supernatural backings like Jacob Gen. 28:10-16.

In my life journey, l have been having series of encounters with God and these have opened my eyes to the dimension of God that I have never known before  and the one that I still need to know.
Our God is full of mysteries, He is ready to unveil these to us base on our willingness and readiness to press into Him daily Rom.16:25-27.

*Steps to Having Encounter With God*

1. Love God wholeheartedly: 1Chron 29:1-3
2. Pray in the Spirit: Jude 20
3. Engage the night season: Dan 2:19, Job 33:11-17
4. Engage in deep worship: 2Chron 5:13-14
5. Connect the power of meditation: Acts 10:19

Do this 👆👆👆 faithful and you shall have encounter with God.


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