Getting The Best From A Father or Mentor

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*Topic: Getting The Best From A Father or Mentor*

In our Prophetic/Christian journey, we have fathers and mentors in our lives in one way or the other.

Nevertheless, we can get the best from them in fulfilling our Prophetic/Christian journey by having a cordial relationship with them doing the following:

*1.* Honour them Malachi.1:6

*2.* Receive his person or calling Mk.6:4-6

*3.* Believe in the grace of God that is upon Him 2Chrln.20:20

*4.* He is entitled to receive gift from you.
In other word, you have to connect in other to collect from him. Heb.7:7-8

*5.* Accept corrections from your father or mentor Heb.12:5-10

*6.* Do not criticize him or join people to criticize him. Remember Saul and David 1Sam.24:1-10.

However, if you are no longer comfortable with him, pray about it, so as to receive direction from God as par the next line of action.

Keep shining and remain blessed.


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