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From my *Prophetic Watch* of the recent activities in realm of the spirit, all the spiritual parameters and indices in place in this season that we are, show that God is raising a *Prophetic Generation* where every child of God will have a *Prophetic Mindset* and function prophetically without necessarily being a Prophet e.g Saul the son of Kish 1Sam 10:11-12. To achieve this, divine recalibration and realignment are going on in the spiritual realm.

Furthermore, people called by God into each of the five fold ministry will have a *prophetic dimension* to their offices. For example, Prophetic Pastor, Prophetic Teacher, Prophetic Evangelist etc.

The essence of this is to accelerate the end time work of soul harvesting. That is why much awareness is being created today about the *Prophetic* in many Christian fora. This is also divine pointer to the wave of the prophetic flow that is being released by God for His great move in this end time.

No more wasting of time, open your heart to God’s *Prophetic Agenda* and move with the flow Acts 2:16-18.
This *Prophetic Generation* is the dependable army of God that will execute the mandate of God accurately and precisely because they will not do anything at their own will but according to the specific command of God.
Get ready for this great divine explosion that is coming sooner than expected.
*God bless.*


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