You are welcome to moment of supernatural TOPIC: 5 KEYS TO INCREASING YOUR PROPHETIC AUTHORITY 2Kgs 6:1-7 In an entire company of Prophets, only one Prophet has the authority to overcome the law of nature. However, as God is calling people Into the prophetic, “will you be one of the many or one of the few” with God’s authority to bring dead situations to life through prophetic acts. 5 Keys from the life of Elisha on how to grow in your Prophetic Authority 1. Know God through intimate relationship. Elisha was a man that know God and also intimate with Him. Dan11:32b 2. Find someone to serve. Just as Elisha serve Elijah 2kgs 3:1-18 He was observing, learning and being infused with authority that were on Elijah’s life 3. Step out of your comfort zone. 2kgs 2:1-25 Elisha crossed Jordan with Elijah. 4. Learn to release the power of God Elisha was able to release the power of God into situation in both words and prophetic acts as he was led by God. So, speak life giving words and expect those words to shift atmosphere and circumstances. 5. Be willing to empower others on their own prophetic journey. By so doing you will be raising prophetic people for the next generation. God bless u. Shallom

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