I WANT TO DISCUSS WITH US ABOUT THE KINGDOM LEADER’S INNER CIRCLE. I will want to start by saying you as a Kingdom leader need to build a healthy network of relationship. Ecclesiastic 4:9-10 Every leader needs relationships in his or her life that provides the necessary support and accountability. No man is an island. Building a network of relationship with God and people is a wise step to take toward sustaining your leadership over a long time. LEADERS WHO FAILED A survey was taken among pastors and Christians leaders who failed morally or who had compromised their integrity and fallen into sin and ultimately lost their ministry. Three consistent observations were made about these fallen leaders. (1)They stopped spending time alone with God each day. (2)They are not accountable to people in their lives. (3)They never thought this this kind of failure could happen to them. Leaders can avoid pitfalls by establishing and enjoying close relationship with. (1)God (2)Family (Your spouse and children. (3)A mentor (4)An accountability partner. (5)An apprentice or disciple who follow you. WHY ARE THESE RELATIONS CRUCIAL FOR A LEADER ? (1)Every leader has WEAKNESS (2)Leaders are on the front line of spiritual battle and are vulnerable to attack. (3)Leaders are to set a higher standard for themselves than their followers. (4)Leaders can be busy serving bread to others but never eating for themselves. (5)Leaders can be blinded to the temptation of power and popularity. (6)Leaders can be so busy that their spiritual life suffers more than anything else. (7)Leaders often merely react to needs and forget to train others for the future. SOME QUESTIONS LEADERS SHOULD CONTINUOUSLY ASK THEMSELVES. (1) Is my personal walk with God up to date? (2)Am I keeping my priorities straight? (3)Is my calling constantly before me? (4)Am I over concerned with building my image? (5)Am I a loner in my ministry without a network? (6)Am I listening to what God is saying to the body of Christ? (7)Am I asking myself the hard questions like why do I do what am doing? (8)Am I aware of my weakness? If you do,do you address it or ignore it? In conclusion as a leader you should identify someone whom you can be totally honest to.This person should be someone you can share your deepest struggles and even discuss your motives.Ask them to meet with you regularly and hold you accountable for your commitments. Thank you very much for your time.

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