Levels of Hearing from God

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*Topic: Levels of Hearing from God*

*Everyone can hear from God:*
*1Cor 14:31 says “For ye may all prophesy….* In other to prophesy, you must hear from God. *Rev 19:10 the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy*

In one hand, Jesus fulfilled prophecy. On the other hand, the moment you receive Jesus there is a prophetic revelation that comes to you, that you can hear the mind of God about various things that God wants you to do. That is the common grace of prophecy.

*Motivational gift*
*Rom 12* You can prophecy according to the level of faith you have. With this kind of gift, you can investigate deep revelations of God just like in *Daniel chapter 9 & 12.*

*Gift of Holy Spirit*
*1Cor 12 & 14,* The gift is given by the Holy Spirit. It is deep in nature and it includes gift of revelations among the 9 gifts which tell you things to come. *Joh 16:13.*

*Ascension gift*
*Eph 4:11*. The ascension gift was given by the Lords Jesus. Many called them ministry or office.
In the Prophetic office, you must have some manifestations of the Lord in your life or angelic visitations to commission you into that arena.

You can be called into any of those gifts, trained and be commissioned.
For the fact that you are called into one those gifts, does not mean you will make it there. Many are called but few are chosen, Jesus said *Why?*
You may be called into a gift and never be commissioned because of your inability to pay the price of brokenness, constriction, integrity and maturity.

To any of those gift, the calling is very quick, the training is very long and the commissioning is very quick and glorious.


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