Office of A Prophet

Welcome To “Moment Of Supernatural” Topic: Office of A Prophet Ephesians 4:11 (NKJV) 11 And He Himself gave some to be apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, and some pastors and teachers, A prophet is the mouth piece of God. He or she is sent from God to prophesy heaven into the earth realm and to bring joy to people’s hearts and to bring direction to people who are confused. You must realize the difference between: 1. The Spirit of Prophecy: Rev. 19:10 2. The gift of prophecy 1Cor 12:10; 14:1,3 3. The office of the Prophet Eph 4: 11 1. The spirit of prophecy is the anointing of the Holy Spirit that enables men and women, who do not have the gift of prophecy or are called to the office of a prophet, but while under the canopy of the spirit of prophecy to prophesy. it gives them the ability to release a powerful presence of God out of their mouth in a church service. Example Saul the son of Kish 1Sam.10: 6-12. When the spirit of prophecy comes into a room (atmosphere) it comes in as if it were a canopy or an umbrella. When you are under the umbrella or canopy of God you have or can be empowered by the Holy Spirit or the Spirit of Prophecy to release a Rhema word of God into the atmosphere. 2. The gift of prophecy is given to certain believers to bring the Word of the Lord to the congregation. We are talking about a people who are gifted with that gift to prophesy at any given point of time whether or not the canopy of the spirit of prophecy is present. They can prophesy under or without the canopy being present such as being in a grocery store, a movie theater, on the street or an anointed church service. The gift of prophecy resides on the inside of them. They are only allowed by God to move in the realms of edification, exhortation, and comfort. 3. The office of the Prophet has the ability to move in different functions. It can move outside of foretelling and bring forth confirmation, correction, rebuke and direction. When a prophet speaks, it can bring an anointing that can bring people back from deception and turmoil. The prophetic word spoken from the mouth of a mature prophet can bring strategies to help guide you to the abundant life the Lord has in store for you. Shalom! To be continued. The Difference Between Seers and Prophets There is a difference between Seers and Prophets. I want to define and break these down to give elementary terms on what a Seer is. I want to go into a deeper revelation on the process of a Seer and the anointing and functions of what a Seer does. There are several different words in the Hebrew for the word Seer. One is Hose and another one is Araha. There are two scripture references for the Hebrew term. II Kings 17:13 “Let the Lord testify against Israel and against Judah by all the prophets and by all the seers saying turn ye from your evil ways and keep My commandments and my statutes. According to all the law in which I commanded your fathers and which I sent to you by my servants the prophets” II Samuel 24:11-12 “For when David was up in the morning the word of the Lord came under the prophet Gad which was David’s seer saying, Go speak to David…” Now the Hebrew word Seer means this: to mentally perceive, to have a vision of, to behold, to look. They see in the realm of the spirit! That is they operate mainly by seeing vision Here, there is a distinction between seers and prophets. As confusing as this sounds, all seers can prophesy, but not all prophets can see. Out of the five fold ministry that is mentioned in the Bible, a seer falls under the office of a prophet (see Eph. 4). It’s a prophet with the ability or gift of seeing in the spiritual realm. All seers are Prophets, all Prophets are seers not. Some prophets operate deeply in prophecy and word of knowledge without seeing vision. While some combine both. Seers Bring About Order in the House of The Lord. II Chronicles 29:25 shows how the seers brought about order in the house of the Lord. One function of the seer was to bring order to the house of God. “And he set the Levites in the house of the LORD with cymbals, with psalteries, and with harps, according to the commandment of David, and of Gad the king’s seer, and Nathan the prophet: for so was the commandment of the LORD by his prophets.” God sets prophets and seers in the house of the Lord to establish order and structure. Prophets are placed in the church to bring about its perfection. Remember how in scripture in Ephesians chapter 4 how the five-fold ministry was sent to perfect the church, edify the church, and bring them into strength, unity, and one accord. It’s through leadership in the church that order and structure are achieved.

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