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*Topic: Prayer*

Prayer is a two way communication with God.  We talk to Him prayer and He speaks back to us. Abraham experience in Gen 18:23-33 is a proof to this!

Unfortunately, we talk to God in prayer but never give Him chance to speak back to us.
Apart from this, prayer is like a double edge sword. It brings confusion and destruction to the camp of enemies *Is. 9:5,* and at the same time brings sweet aroma to God and Lamb of God *Rev. 8:34, 5:8*
From the above Bible passages, prayer can also be tagged as *one man’s meat is another man’s poison.*

So pray always in other to disorganized the kingdom of darkness and at the same time send sweet aroma to the throne of God.

God is waiting for that sweet aroma (Prayer of the saint) from you. So, give it to Him!


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