Hello great people of God! Welcome to the *”Moment of Supernatural”.* *TOPIC: PRINCIPLES* This a moral rule or strong belief that influences your action. There are natural principles and also spiritual principles. *BIBLICAL PRINCIPLES:* These are principles in the bible for example “sowing & reaping Gen. 8:22, Gal. 6:7. If you walk in God’s principles as stated in his word, the blessings of God begins to operate in your life but if you disobey them, you will be like a malfunction engine. Obey God’s principles and things will begin to work smoothly in your life. However, it is true that the person of Jesus create your peace, that is, when you have the saving knowledge of Christ, you have peace with God and you are on the path to heaven. It is the principle of Jesus that create your success and prosperity. When you work in them, you will succeed and prosper. Again, you can love God, prays, worship and still have problems in some areas like your health, finance etc, if you neglect his principles. If you learnt the principle of Christ and apply it, your life will begin to experience a turn around and move smoothly in the right direction. *The supernatural will become your experience naturally!* *SHALOM!*

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