Dynamics of Leadership in community Development(e-book)


It will be proper for us to know what is leadership by way of definition before delving into the subject matter. Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality through human participants who depend on God.

Robert Orr, defined Leadership as the missing link in management theory. In line with this definition, Prof. Mike Jacobs stated that leadership must be seen and understood as the core of good management. Mabel Peter-Charles, defined leadership as the ability to lead others by influence.

Joyner said that leadership is one of the most powerful forces on earth. With it, Napoleon, an obscure soldier from Corsica, took a bankrupt and devastated France and defeated the most powerful nations on earth, dominating Europe during his time. With it, a humble lawyer from India, Gandhi, without firing a shot, without holding a political office or a military position broke the strength and the will of the greatest empire in the world and gave birth to a nation.

With this gift, a humble carpenter from the most despised town in the most despised nation on the earth took a dozen of the least likely candidate for leadership-fishermen and simple folks who seemed to care little for religion and with them unleashed the most powerful force this world has ever seen. With leadership, this improbable band of ordinary men and women impacted the world for their leader to the degree that the very world “History” came to mean “His- story”.

However, regardless of one’s religious belief the accomplishments of Jesus and his little band are of the most extraordinary examples of leadership ever produced.

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