Evil Patterns & The Way Out(e-book)


When unpleasant things happen repeatedly in exactly the same way, it is referred to as evil pattern. This can occur and re-occur in generations. However, when this transverse from one generation to another, it is called
Vertical generational evil pattern. Also, when it affects people of the same generation or one generation, it is called Horizontal generational evil pattern. This evil pattern can range from power of lies, power of delay, power of near success syndrome, power of “almost there and never get there”, to power of untimely death e.t.c.

Furthermore, I trust the Holy Spirit to help us unravel this from the word of God and show us the way out that is to overcome evil pattern in our lineage because, there is no lineage without evil pattern. Unfortunately, many of us are ignorant of this. The Bible says “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…..” Hos 4:6.
We seriously need the help of the Holy Spirit on this subject matter because, “…..by strength shall no man prevail.” 1Sam 2:9b.

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