School of Supernatural

School of Supernatural

 School of Supernatural Has Taken Off. Thanks Be To God!

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Title: Danger of Over familiarity

Over familiarity is a result of spirit of familiarity taking over someone.

When you make Your Spiritual father wait for you (after making an appointment) and *NOT YOU* waiting for Him… IT reveals your Level of how IMPORTANT HE IS TO YOU…

When the Instructions of your Spiritual Father is taken as suggestions, then you have become familiar and you have blocked the flow of receiving from him.

When Your Spiritual Father has a NORMAL conversation with you, and you *CAN’T DISCERN* a moment when God speaks through Him to you… You have become familiar and can’t receive from him…

One sign of pride is delaying to execute an instruction from an authority above you

Pride is when you are given an instruction and you negotiate with the instructions

Excuse is the highway to failure

Never be a person of excuses and explanations.

Familiarity attracts familiar spirits, the closer you are to the vessel of grace , the farther you are from the anointing the vessel carries…

Be careful of familiarity.

The closest people to the pastor or spiritual father never have testimonies because they mistake  their closeness for a spiritual connection.

Have you realised that the closer they are they don’t give, because of familiarity.


Aps. Adebayo King Emmanuel

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