I believe that God is resetting the spiritual landscape of the Church and the entire globe. *On the 26th April, 2020:*

A. I saw a handwriting before me which says, events that will happen in quick succession. God gave me example of Jonah. He said I made a shade over him, the second day I removed it and sun beat him to the extent that he (Jonah) requested to die.
The first event, a moment of comfort that will be interrupted with the second event, harshness.
God said, I am doing this for the purpose of turning the heart of men back to me. They have heard my word over and over, and it has lost meaning to them. I will use this moment as the best time to speak to them in the language they will understand because, my name can no longer continue to be disdained.
I am a glorious God, I want to show forth my glory on earth. At the end of it all, I will be glorified.

B.I saw a mighty tree, it shed all its leaves and fruits. It was in state of hopelessness and despair. God said this tree shall bud again, I shall rekindle the hope of this tree but stay on your watch to hear what I will say unto you:
God said the tree represent the globe and I saw a mighty explosion of amber like liquid fire, its spread was so fast in the middle-east. He said I will glorify my name and bring people on their knees.
Again, I saw a hand like a clock moving round the entire world and the Lord said unto me, this is my hand moving round the nations of the earth that they may know that I am the controller of the universe.

C. I saw hunters sleeping with their fully loaded guns. The Lord said to me, my people should wake up from their slumber, repent and be more careful so that the hunters will not become the hunted.
After this storm, a new wave of glory will blow around the earth to bring in kingdom harvest. This will be a season of glory and honour unto me. As many that look and hold on to me will eat the good of the land.

D. I saw a tidal wave from the east coast of America, this wave will bring both peace and pain. Those that desire peace will have peace and those for pain will have pain. As I move with my mercy, so also I move with my judgement.

E. For Nigeria, I am moving silently in this nation which will bring about a great purging because many have constituted themselves to be clog in the wheel of progress and I will remove them. There will be more of angelic move in this nation and mysterious things will begin to happen. I will do this to glorify my name. Only, let my people just put their hands in my hands and partner with me in this agenda. As I glorify myself in this nation, so will I reward those that partner with me says the Lord.

All these call for serious prayers, so that God will show mercy, even in His wrath. Let’s all cry to God in prayer!

God bless you all!

Apostle Adebayo King Emmanuel.
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