*Welcome to Moment of Supernatural* *TOPIC: SUPERNATURAL FAVOUR* Did you also know that one day of favor is equivalent to a thousand days of labor? What if I told you that you can walk in supernatural favor every single day of your life? Well, that sounds too good to be true until you open the pages of the word of God. Psalms 30:5 says that God’s favor lasts for a lifetime. Psalms 5:12 continues to state that God’s favor can surround you like a shield. It can be encamped on your life and you can wear it like a piece of your armor! Hallelujah!!! But to walk in this favor here are the 3 ways to speed it up and have it literally overtake your life. 1 *Love it. Esteem it. Value it.* That’s how you seek to know what God’s word says about favor. You know how favor works and what principles govern the flow of favor. I learnt that favor is a blood bought covenant blessing that gives us access to sonship and makes us joint heirs with Christ. 2 *Be faithful with the little you have.* Favor expands and grows from one level to another. But it always follows the trajectory of faithfulness. You know you’re on your way to another level of favor if you are already faithful with the little you have. Are you generous? Do you handle money well? Are you diligent with your gift? Are you obedient to God’s word? Remember Joseph. His faithfulness in the prison led to his promotion into the palace. 3 *Activate a covenant connection:* Connect with someone already operating with favor in an area you need it. This is the law of honor. It is also the law of impartation. You can ethically attract favor through a covenant connection. Favor is fluid. It flows in the direction of honor through a conduit of covenant connection. Your pastor, your mentor, your spiritual father, your trainer or teacher is a covenant connection to help you accelerate to where you have never been. Do these 3 things today and watch the favor of God flood your life!

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