Welcome to the moment of supernatural.


What we all need to breakthrough and break forth is the presence of God. When we talk about the presence of God, we mean these 4 things:

1. The atmosphere of heaven
2. God’s personality, you cannot separate God’s  
     presence from His person.
3. The character of God or His nature.
4. The power of God.

However, all these put together is the presence of God. We need to gravitate toward His presence because, when He shows up, He doesn’t come empty handed. Ps 16:11 says ” In the presence of God………”
Everything we need is in the presence of God.

Keys to enjoying the presence of God are:

1. Intimacy with God through hunger and thirst for
     righteousness, life of purity Matt. 5:6,8.
2. Worship: This brings down the glorious presence of
     God. 2Chron. 5:13.

‘When the foundation and the pattern are right the glory comes down’ -King

Henceforth, the glorious presence of God shall continue to abide with you IJN.

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