What does training for five-fold ministry looks like: progression in training.

You earn you way up into leadership. You may be called to the five-fold ministries but you will start from the bottom up in your leadership. God will not promote you as a novice. Scripture is clear. 1Timothy chapter 3 clearly outlines the qualification for high level leadership(five-fold ministries).

So when you are called to the prophetic office for example, you will not start off as a prophet right away. God will not put you through a prophetic training right away! You will start front he bottom and work your way up in leadership and experience.

First, God will use you in a body ministry before giving you the five-fold ministry.

You will serve within the church, in a para-church, or in the world system, under supervision of another leader. You will be there for a while until He moves you on to another ministry and eventually to your own ministry. Even under that ministry, the Lord will bring you a leader to help shape and train you further.  You will not be alone and rise up alone! There will be people along the way in your life that the Lord will use to help you bring you to maturity.

Your experience will be diversify. You will learn how to shepherd, how to evangelize, and even teach. Along the way you will learn how to do deliverance and inner healing. You may be a part of a prayer group and evangelistic outreach. Your experience may have been working in a group home, prison ministry, the market place, within the traditional church setting. God will also deal with your marriage foundation! If you read 1 Timothy chapter 3, the Lord requires that your rule your home well.

Wherever you have been or are at now, it is a call and training to leadership. Your character will be put through the fire so the gold in you can come forth.

All this shaping, molding, transformation and experience happens before you are called to training for the prophetic!!!!! You do not just arrive as a prophet just because you can prophecy and flows in gifts. Five-fold ministries are leadership roles who shape the church as a whole. God will make sure you qualify before you are release to His church, His people He died for!

Do not expect to walk in great authority right away, no matter how gifted you are. If your character is not at the level of your giftedness and you are promoted too fast, you will destroy yourself! I have seen several leader, pastor, prophet and apostle who have fallen and lost everything, shaming the name of Jesus and ruining their families. Some have died, entered mental institution, cheated on their spouse, stole money, have become cult-like, fighting and division and witchcraft..etc..

Humility will exalt you. Love the Lord enough to serve where you are called to in your season. If you are faithful with the little, He will give you much more. Build a solid foundation in your healthy intimacy and identity, character, gifting, and experience.

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