Welcome to the *Moment of Supernatural* *Topic: Types of Vision* 1. Vision of thy head i.e seeing with your mind Dan.2:28-30 2. Close vision 3. Open vision 1Sam.3:1 4. Trance vision => This could be open Num.24:4,16; or close Acts 10:9-10 5. Out of the body experience Ezk.37:1-end 6. Dreams: These could be plain=>Matt.1:20, 2:12,13,19 or coded=> Gen.41:8, Dan.2:1-2 7. Night vision: Dan.2:19, 7:2,7,13; Job 4:13; Gen.46:2; Acts 16:9, 8:9 Beloved you can take time to research more about this subject matter. *Shalom!*

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