*Topic: How To Have An Unshakeable Prophetic Ministry* In other to have unshakeable Prophetic Ministry, we must have a strong foundation with Christ himself as the chief cornerstone Eph.2:19-20 *4 Ways You Can Align Your Prophetic Ministry With Jesus* 1. Make Jesus your primary message Heb.1:1 Our prophetic messages must point people to Jesus. 2. Check, that your insights are compatible with the gospel Lk. 4:18-19a Jesus said, anyone who has seen me has seen the father Joh.14:9. Prophecy must accurately represent the father in other to save and redeem souls. 3. Let Jesus be your greatest role model in the prophetic ministry. Of course we can learn from other season prophets in the bible and in our contemporary time. our greatest desire in the prophetic ministry should be how we can be like Jesus. 4. Let intimacy with Jesus be our source. In the place of intimate communion with him, we will hear is voice and minister powerfully in the prophetic with accuracy and precision. *You are lifted.* *Shalom!*

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